November in San Francisco

...can be quite glorious – it was sunnier and warmer today in the city than on an average day in summer. Due to the lower temperatures of the marine layer and the resulting absence of fog, the sky and the views are crystal clear on a good day. And today was a good day. Took Il Mostro up north in the morning, over the Golden Gate to the Pacific Coast highway, up Mount Tam and then over the breathtaking Ridgecrest road and the rather obnoxiously bumpy Fairfax-Bolinas road towards the secluded town of Bolinas. Fairfax-Bolinas offered about all the possible motorcycle challenges I can imagine: a pitiful excuse for asphalt, horrid bumps and potholes, gravel, leafs, branches and other assortments of crap in the corners, deer trying to cross the road and jumping all over the place, opposing traffic that positions itself in my lane, and so on. But the total crap quality of the apshalt was my main source of concern and I was happy to get to Highway 1 again – time for some serious fun, as there wasn’t a lot of traffic on this stretch leading to Stinson Beach. Fifty sweeping corners later, I’m heading to Muir Beach outlook, where the views are amazing as I was expecting. All too soon I find myself on the Golden Gate Bridge again. I take it easy and ride through the city, do the fun Lombard Street downhill and go check out the Coit Tower – the city looking gorgeous underneath it.

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