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I have a bitter rivalry with Ayatola Hombre since many years; it all started somewhere in 1995 when we traveled to the US - the first visit for both of us; we drove 8000 miles and saw many places. Out of this, a contest was born: to visit as many states as possible. Today, I’m lagging far behind (fortunately the main trophees, Alaska and Hawaii, have not yet been claimed), obviously since Ayatola currently lives back east (in New York), where the areal density of states is much larger (I’m sounding like RvO here).
Anyway, I was thinking about a new, redefined challenge: to visit as many US counties as possible! I got inspired to this by the plethora of election maps and by a map posted by kwc. So I fired up Photoshop and started working (note: you need to have some time on your hand and be sufficiently bored to undertake this), and the results are shown below. Click on the pic for a high resolution version. I’ll admit there is some margin of error on this (didn’t go through the effort of double checking everything using reference maps showing proper county boundaries) but I believe the map reflects pretty well my record. My first thought when I finished this was: this country is f*kin’ big! I always believed that I was relatively well-traveled here in the US but you can see the vast voids on the map (mostly ‘fly-over country’ but anyway…). At some point I should undertake an across-the-continent ride or drive to improve the situation…

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  1. Ayatola Hombre Says:

    Ik wens toch even op te merken dat mijn trip in 2005 de 4de keer was dat ik in de VS kwam.
    De eerste keer was voor een tussenstop van 1 nacht in Miami op weg naar Mexico.
    De tweede keer voor een tussenstop van, uh, 7 uur in Chicago, voor dezelfde reis maar dan op de weg terug.
    De derde keer was voor 4 daagjes shoppen in New York.

    Het is maar dat ge het weet…

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