Grand Canyon

It was time for another heroic weekend; we (‘3 Belgen’) would fly into Vegas and had made plans:

Plan A: Climb Mount Whitney (with 14494 feet the highest point in the contiguous US).
Plan B: Descend into the Grand Canyon and hike back up
Plan C: A weekend in Sin City (‘Vegas is great!’)

Plan A was jeopardized by the recent storms that had rolled into the West and covered the High Sierra’s in deep powder. This had already surprised a bunch of hikers (Californians are used to clear skies and apparently become lazy in checking forecasts). Moreover the road pass over the Panamint range in Death Valley was closed, so we couldn’t reach the trailhead easily.
Plan C was deemed a bit overly gluttonous, so (as you undoubtedly already had concluded by seeing the picture below), Plan B was executed.
The Grand Canyon is, well, quite grand: 277 miles long and almost a mile deep. We were camping on the South Rim (at about 7000 feet elevation), and enjoying night temperatures of almost -4 C (polar conditions for a spoiled Californian). On sunday, we got up really early, started hiking down the canyon on South Kaibab trail, walked along the Colorado river for a while and then climbed back up along Bright Angel trail, leading us back to the South Rim. An enterprise that took us about 8 hours and left us exhausted, but quite satisfied. And by night, we could still indulge in some Vegas excesses.

2 Responses to “Grand Canyon“

  1. Ayatola Hombre Says:

    7 uur, niet 8 !

  2. El Hombre Says:

    ‘about’ 8 hours:
    7.20 vertrokken, rond 15.00 aangekomen?
    Arrival ietske vroeger wschl dus vooruit, we kunnen inderdaad naar onder afronden…

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