Mean streets

Saturday – I was enjoying a perfect day with my girlfriend in the city; october days are usually sunnier and warmer than most summer days in San Francisco so we took our advantage. But disaster struck, in the form of a psychotic and misogynistic homeless junk that we passed around Market and Dolores; for no reason whatsoever he started following us, yelling crap (mostly directed at my friend), throwing stuff at us and eventually he attacked me and then ran off. No real harm done, except a black eye that I started developing the day after. The piece-of-shit junk has been put in jail, thanks to witnesses who followed him and directed the cops to him by cellphone. I have zero patience with this sort of lowlife and the one thing I regret is I didn’t have the right Kung Fu skills to rip the moron’s arm apart Quentin Tarantino-style (though he then probably would have sued me) – where is Hombre when you need him most?
Meanwhile, I’m considering – the beefsteak thing – leeches (no kidding, according to a coworker of mine who has experience with it that works best) – holding tissue drenched in eggwhite to the eye; apparently an old Chinese method
So far, I tried one and three (couldn’t find any leeches). And Gavin Newsom should start cleaning out his otherwise very likeable city…

2 Responses to “Mean streets“

  1. Hombre Says:

    Misschien moet ge bij een volgende
    ontmoeting het heerschap in kwestie
    een ‘Ukrainian Handshake’ geven…

  2. El Hombre Says:

    Schitterend! Een Hombre-kopstoot was anders ook op zijn plaats geweest…

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