Bush biking

So it seems Dubya is serious about trying to reach voters: even I am somewhat charmed by his latest hobby, check this Guardian article:

“Bush has only been riding the knobby-tired mountain bikes since February, yet he takes on dangerous sections that would give veterans pause. He keeps a cramp-inducing pace on long uphill sections, pouring it on to reach each peak, backing off a little to recover and then attacking the next hill.”

This was of course in the news because of his recent endo – an over-the-handlebar style crash. Even more entertaining is the fact that he is usually being followed – on the bike – by the secret service men, who not always walk away unscathed:

“On May 22, he lost traction on a dirt road, scraping his chin, upper lip, nose, right hand and both knees. The next day, a Secret Service agent riding behind him slammed onto the ground at high speed on a paved section, breaking his collarbone and three ribs.”

At least it beats choking on pretzels.
So will Bush manage to convert me to his camp? Tough luck: Kerry used to ride a Ducati.

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