One speed

Couldn’t stand the wait for my new mountain bike (the Yeti 575 I’ve been drooling about since a couple of months – ordered trhough REI who apparently have been screwing around with the order for a while), so I decided to check out Ebay for a singlespeed; something I’ve been considering for a while: very affordable and cool, but also quite demanding to ride. And so I got a beautiful new Giant XTC Single frame, equipped with a nice set of components (see pic) – tried it out first on Arastradero, and the past weekend on Skegg’s. As could be expected, though extremely light, it’s brutal on the climbs, the gear combination is 32/16, I think it’s just a little too much – 32/17 would probably be ideal. The steep stuff is excruciating, but on the rolling singletrack the bike simply flies… I still have to set up things (such as the disk brake) properly, but I already know I’m going to seriously like it.

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