Tunitas Creek road

The cool thing about this time of the year is that there’s so much daylight; enough to go on a nice ride even after a busy day. Tonight I took the Monster to Kings Mountain road, with plenty of fun, relatively smooth twisties, then to Tunitas Creek road. Tunitas is something special (see pic) – pothole plagued, narrow, with hundreds of unexpected bumps, ruts and grooves in the asphalt – the bike feels sometimes like a wild horse trying to throw me off. But great challenges mean great fun – the thrills, elevated pulse, hyper-awareness brings one into a zen-like peace of mind (I guess this works as long as you can keep the bike up!). Adding to this is the eerie atmoshpere of the cloud filled forest – as not unusual, the fog was creeping up on the west side of the Santa Cruz mountains, whereas on ‘my’ side it was all clear and sunny. After hitting the coast and Highway 1, I took Highway 84 back to the Valley – fast curves, super smooth pavement – a different kind of fun (where Tunitas is hard work, 84 is a relaxing reward).

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