Euro 2004

Euro 2004 is starting so I went on a mission to find out whether there is any TV coverage here in the US and California in particular. I found there is good news, and there is ridiculously bad news.

The good: it is possible to watch the Euro 2004 games. Setanta Sports has bought the US rights and is offering all games on ‘residential pay-per-view’ via a number of cable companies (such as DirecTV etc).

The ridiculously bad: the cost is $179 for the whole package. If you choose to see individual games $20 per game (and $25 for quarter-final and higher games). For pubs, Setanta enforces a $20 charge per person (!) meaning there will be a $20 cover charge to get into those pubs that offer the games (hence probably no pub in its right mind except maybe some British ones during the England games). Apparently in Canada you can watch some games for free – one could also travel to Europe of course. I should have moved to England – at least there one respects the two sports that matter: snooker and soccer (but then the food and weather are crap, and the people not as cute).

My final conclusion: fuck Setanta and fuck Euro 2004, I’ll just check the results on the net…

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