RIP Mountain lion

The wandering Palo Alto mountain lion – aka a Puma at Large (only Olve-alumni will understand this one) – has found its end by the hand of the Palo Alto police department. This particular mountain lion must have been mentally challenged, or extremely lazy, since rather than preying on deer or rabbits in the vast Santa Cruz mountains and the land surrounding it, he was spotted yesterday in downtown Palo Alto (Embarcadero and Middlefield for those who are curious)! Perhaps small pets and dogs or little children looked more attractive or an easier kill to the big cat? I lean towards the mental issue theory, since apparently a geriatric dog had chased it into a tree. The Palo Alto police force, eager of getting a break from their parking enforcement and dog poop ticket routine, arrived on the scene and promptly shot the poor cougar. The officers were probably drawing lots to determine who could be the one pull the trigger. Yes, in Palo Alto the world problems sometimes seem far away…

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