Gmail invites no more

I gave away my last Gmail invite so no need to send me any more requests. The winner turned out to be not someone I know, but is a friend/co-worker of a friend (yes, a case of the loathed ‘friend-of-a-friend’ syndrome) I had given another Gmail invite to. And he did present me with the most compelling argument I’ve received: he was suffering intolerable pain due to the continuous bragging and uber-geek elitism displayed by the other guy (who happens to be his office mate).
So to all the other strangers who applied: better luck next time, but congrats with finding me (no way I could have had a high Pagerank with the original post).
Update: it seems Feedster was instrumental in finding it (at least for the runner-up in my little contest).

2 Responses to “Gmail invites no more“

  1. Ayatola Hombre Says:

    Ronen is zeer tevreden over de email die ik in zijn naam geschreven heb.

  2. El Hombre Says:

    Wat? Is dit frraauude? Waarom zou hij die e-mail niet zelf geschreven hebben?

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