Snooker World Championship

Completely missed it; snooker is unknown and unloved here in the US, even my well-educated American coworkers are unaware of its existence. This doesn’t take away the fact that it’s the greatest game, one of the few things I would be willing to stay home and watch TV for. I’m so longing for the days of the thundering baritone of Ted Lowe on the BBC, in all his theatrical brilliance. The second best extra-curricular thing about snooker (after Ted’s commentary) are the nicknames of the players. Hurricane Higgins, Jimmy ‘the Whirlwind’ White (Lowe: “The Wind is bloowwing agaaainn!”), Steve ‘the Nugget’ Davis, James ‘Thaifoon’ Wattana, the Maltese Falcon, etc etc.
So Ronnie ‘the Rocket’ O’Sullivan won the title this year. Good; he’s my second choice, after the perennial Jimmy White of course, who’ll most likely never make it.
O’Sullivan is also a worthy successor of Alex Higgins. I do prefer his earlier nickname though, ‘the Essex Exocet’.

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