Sea Otter roundup

All results have been published on the Sea Otter site – here’s my race. In the Pro class, Filip Meirhaeghe won both the XC and the overall (they were doing three other stages, a time trial, a ‘super XC’ and a short track race).
Meanwhile, I’ve been starting a scientific study of road rash medication and supplies. Since I had three large areas of impact on me, I’m simultaneously evaluating the different products on the market and compare the progress they induce. The picture shows the assortment under scrutiny, currently sitting on my kitchen table. One preliminary conclusion is that the 2nd Skin Moist Burn Pads are highly superior as wound dressing; on the second place we have the Johnson&Johnson Adaptic petroleum jelly coated dressings. The only drawback of the Moist Burn Pads is that they’re a little small. And as an analgesic, some Advil with a shot of tequila usually does the job!

2 Responses to “Sea Otter roundup“

  1. Hombre Says:

    En welke steroiden zijn de beste?

  2. El Hombre Says:

    Geen steroiden – ik heb wel nog wat overschot Vicodin liggen van mijn wijsheidstand-ingreep als ge geinteresseerd zijt, Hombre.

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