More Sea Otter Classic news

MTB World Champion and fellow Belgian Filip Meirhaeghe is going to show up at the Sea Otter! Since the Pro/Elite race starts at 1pm, and I should have finished my race long before, I’ll be there to cheer him (if I find time away from the bike manufacturers booths).
So how have I been preparing the past week? Well, I’ve been spending quite some time on ‘race-ifying’ my bike (see pic): replaced brake cables, derailleur cables and housing, put on a new chain, shaved off some excess weight, cleaned the crap out of it, and so forth. It is amazing but now it actually feels much faster; I’ve used my recently acquired motorcycle-maintenance experiences to good extent. Then, of course, I did a lot of riding. Last weekend saturday in Purisima (did the awesome Whittemore Gulch), and sunday at Skegg’s Point together with the MTBSH-crew. Skegg’s was fabulous as usual, however I did feel some lactic acid building up during the day, especially during my climbing attempts of the steep sections of the Giant Salamander. So I took it easy for some days, until today: I just finished a ride up Alpine Road in Palo Alto, through Russian Ridge and back to the car. The climb felt easy (and that has been quite different in the past), and the Alpine Road downhill is one of my favorites: it has a great rythm to it, it feels exactly like skiing a perfect run – and there is a fun technical section in the middle. So I should be more or less ready – on a less positive note, after a month of beautiful weather, the forecast says it might rain during the weekend!

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