The Yeti

I’ve been known to drool over motorcycles, however, currently I’m lusting after the Yeti 575 – a beautiful, lightweight, large travel (5.75 inches – nomen est omen) mountain bike. Yeti is a high quality boutique brand of frames and bikes, known from their racing involvement and legacy (a bit like Ducati ;]). So since I’m racing next week, it’s not inappropriate to want a Yeti. I’ll be relying there on my faithful Giant NRS though. The Yeti would make a great ‘trailbike’: perfect for technical singletrack, long epic rides, trips to Downieville, Mammoth, Moab or Durango!

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  1. MTBGuru blog » A nice stretch of the legs… Says:

    [...] It turned out to be one of the greatest and toughest rides I’ve ever done – the Durango race was perhaps a bit harder but that was mainly because of the weather conditions and altitude. Some of the climbing on our ‘Kitten ride’ was brutal and relentless and we had to hike-a-bike more than we’d hoped for. A lot of the downhill on the other hand was fantastic and my Yeti was great on this – though a bit heavy and with a non-ideal gearing for the steep climbs (largest cog in the back only 32 teeth), it was coasting like a dream on the rollers and felt awesome on the fast, winding descents. The two thoughest climbs, Mac’s Corral and Vasquez, felt like they would never end though. [...]

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