Ten years ago

I had bought a ticket for a Nirvana concert in Brussels late April or May, I don’t remember. But there wasn’t going to be a concert – that became soon obvious (after the Rome incident). So today I’m playing some songs on my PC and I do remember very well why I was so blown away when I heard them first. The intensity, raw energy, scorching guitar riffs, at times angelic and furious vocals and melodies, the incredible drums by Grohl formed a rare combination in rock or pop music that was to be cherised. I never expected them to become more successful (in a commercial sense) than, say, the Pixies, so I was quite surprised to see my college mates at the time (most of whom didn’t think much of my musical preferences – a mutual feeling btw) stagedive on ‘Nevermind’ several months later. ‘Bleach’ and ‘Nevermind’ were the soundtrack of a significant part of our lives (does that make us Generation X?), therefore a tribute is in place on this sad anniversary – I’m currently doing my part by playing ‘Lithium’ and ‘Lounge Act’ on Anne’s guitar.

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