Another Sea Otter training session this morning. My average speed was about 17.6 km/h (11 mph) – this includes screwing around trying to locate the start and finish and a short but slow detour – when I was following the wrong trail, a sandy and steep section close to the Waterfall (check the pic that I included of this unclimbable piece of trail). Riding time was 1h27min for 16 miles; 2 less than the race course, the difference I believe is the lap on the Laguna Seca Raceway that we have to do in the beginning and partly at the end; this should be a fast section so the average should improve. And there needs to be some improvement – my goal is making 19 km/h (I’d rather get 20 km/h but that seems to get unreasonably hard to achieve). Saving a bit more energy for the last two serious climbs (a technical one and a fire road grinder) would be helpful since there a significant difference can be made.

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