Julie Delpy

It’s time to tell you about Julie Delpy: she long has been sort of an obsession for both Walter and me – she personifies to me Botticelli-sculpted beauty and grace, sincerity and good taste; many of her movies are interesting, off-the-beaten-path type flics – think ‘Blanc’, ‘Killing Zoe’, ‘Before Sunrise’ (the latter two being my all-time Delpy favorites). I assume she doesn’t get (or seek) a lot of attention in Hollywood anymore; she’s been doing smaller movies and at some point she was sporting guest appearances in ‘E.R.’ But now a sequel to ‘Before Sunrise’ has been made, named – you guessed it – ‘Before Sunset’. The movie has already been shown on some festivals and apparently got rave reviews.
Even more remarkable is the fact that Julie also has started a career as singer-songwriter – usually actresses-turned-singers give rise to even more awful debacles than singers-turned-actresses, but Julie is clearly an exception: I did not resist the temptation, bought the CD and conclude that I quite like a number of songs on it – some of the lyrics are on the verge of the naive or sentimental, but overall, I’m impressed!

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