RIP: George Pake

George Pake was the first director, basically the founder, of PARC (it was his idea to locate the place in Palo Alto) – he passed away last week. Interesting reading on how PARC got started is ‘Dealers of lightning’ by Michael Hiltzig – containing lots of fun anecdotes, including the one describing the reaction of Pake when he first laid eyes on an article in Rolling Stone (a ‘druggie magazine’ according to Pake’s secretary at the time) depicting some spaced-out researchers at work (or rather, at play) in PARC. I never really met Pake but have seen him a couple of times during some events (i.e. the big PARC-alumni party last year, celebrating 30 years of Ethernet). He’ll be remembered!
Update: here’s a short bio from the PARC site.

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