The Wrath of Khan

A.Q. Khan must be the Darth Vader of nuclear proliferation. He’s of course the father of the Pakistanian A-bomb, and has confessed to be the main responsible for a whole black market in nuclear weapons material, involving Iran, North-Korea and heaven knows who else. You would except this guy to be on the war-against-terror blacklist, positioned somewhere right after Osama and Saddam. But what’s the case? After his confession, Khan received pardon from president Musharraf and regained Pakistanian folk hero status; the Dubya-administration watched and stood still in complete silence during the whole charade. At about the same time, rumours about army movements in North Pakistan against Taliban fighters and about Osama’s capture start spreading. You don’t have to be much of a conspiracy theorist to smell that’s something’s going on here; the deal might be: Khan gets off the hook, supporting the position of Musharraf, and in return, Dubya is allowed to chase Osama on Pakistan territory – capturing him would be highly convenient in an election year. I’m sharing this with you for two reasons: first, a post titled ‘the Wrath of Khan’ sounds pretty cool and second, this article in the New Yorker points out that this might be much more than a conspiracy theory, and is truly disturbing.

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