Have been under attack by some freak bug the last couple of days, keeping me bed-ridden. However, since today is a leap day, I feel I should post something; what about this: the Belgian disciples of the Dark Overlord of Lake Washington aren’t very pleased with this initiative of political party ‘Spirit’ (currently in the ruling government, as part of the SP-A) to promote the use of open source software in government offices and public schools in Belgium. They sent in a complaint letter, accompanied by spreading the usual FUD in the press and some pseudo-blackmail related to the ‘ten thousands of jobs’ the Evil One provides in the country. I’m always a bit puzzled why they’re so sensitive about this: this should make hardly the slightest difference to their bottom line – are they genuinely scared by the prospect of younger generations growing up using Other OS’s? Or perhaps their outrage was provoked by the fact that Spirit uses some footage from the famous ‘taart’ incident – as the land of surrealism (in both the good and the bad sense), where else than in Belgium could Bill Gates have gotten a cake thrown in the face?

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