Car drivers are morons

It must be a gene. Perhaps prehistoric man started riding horses in order to chase and kill his enemies, and evolution did the rest. Put a person in a car and suddenly he or she becomes a blind, ignorant, stupid, cruel and overall loathsome creature: all car drivers are morons, myself included.
Today I went to work by bicycle (you see me coming): twice almost got pushed off the road, and I survived one direct attempt on my life. It’s of course not that different from Belgium, though over there drivers are more of the vile and aggressive kind; here they’re more plain stupid and blind for all that happens in their surroundings; plus half of them have a cellphone plastered to their heads, so they’re def as well. There is something to be said about the limited visibility of bicycles, but riding around as a lighted christmas tree loses its fun after a while. And maybe I need to correct my route a bit in order to avoid most trouble spots. Anyway, I realized again one of the reasons why off-road cycling is so good; at least there you’re on top of the food chain (that is, behind the mountain lion).

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