Did I ever mention here how fantastic the Queens of the Stone Age are? As a long time fan I’ve seen them live several times (e.g. in the VK in Brussels), the best performance being in Santa Cruz, about a year ago, where they blew everything away; with Josh Homme of course, whom I followed since his Kyuss days – I never thought Qotsa could possibly be better until I heard ‘Songs for the Deaf’ – Qotsa is better; with Mark Lanegan, the best voice in rock – no competition here (just put on ‘Whiskey for the holy ghost’ to double check); and with Dave Grohl. Recently the 9th and 10th Desert Sessions were released, including some great tunes featuring yet another sweetheart of mine, PJ Harvey, on vocals. I’m sharing all this with you since I found this beautiful website, offering tons of goodies, such as lyrics, guitar tablature, bass tablature (Hombre?) etcetera. As I borrowed Anne’s guitar a while ago, I’m currently in a frenzy reproducing my favorite songs.

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