Powder day

Saturday was a glorious powder day. A storm had passed through friday night, in the morning everything cleared out and we were enjoying an abundance of sun, blue skies and powder – instantly made us forget we got up at 4.30 in the morning. I like Sugarbowl – in particular the side to the west of Mount Lincoln: lots of long steeps, rocky chutes, gullies and other entertainment; the lift lines aren’t too bad and the ticket is even quite affordable to Tahoe standards – it isn’t the biggest resort, but it’s perfect for a day trip. The picture shows Jurgen and Franz in action, after having descended the Mt. Lincoln face (in the background) along some tricky route right next to the Palisades (the rocky outcrop in the center) – at some point Franz lost a ski, and it took us quite a while wading through the deep powder to retrieve it; at least we got a good work-out digging through the fluffy stuff.

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