Lost in translation

I thought ‘Lost in translation’ was a pretty good movie. First, any movie which has Jesus and Mary Chain music in it (‘Just like honey’ in the end scene) can’t be bad. Technically, you could label the movie a ‘romantic comedy’ but this is one unlike any emanation of the loathed Hollywood genre you’ve ever seen. The acting is subtle and excellent (Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansen), Tokyo is depicted in a sensual and fascinating way, and writer-director Sophia Coppola captures beautifully what I would call a sense of ‘nostalgia for the present’. My favorite scenes are the party and karaoke night trip, and, naturally, the final scene featuring the at once distorted and angelic sounds of ‘Just like honey’. Back home from the theatre, I immediately dug up the songs from JaMC’s fabulous debut album ‘Psychocandy’ and rested in awe for the greatness and originality of that record (almost 20 years old now).

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