Pixies reunion

The Pixies reunion seems to be more than than a perennial hoax… Pinkpop just announced they’ll be playing on the 35th edition of the festival, the end of May this year!
They also might play Werchter, which is even better, since then I would have an opportunity to make up for me missing their concert there in the early nineties (I did see Frank Black – de Zwette Sois, to paraphrase Clement Peerens – solo but that’s definitely not the same). Ah, the Pixies: long ago I was hopelessly addicted to both vinyl LP’s I had of them (no money for a cd-player), Surfer Rosa and Doolittle, I picked up playing the guitar because of them. Hearing them in those days was having sonic sex – their sound being so original, mindblowing and strong. My favorite album in the end was Bossanova, with all its surf and spaced out stuff. They’ve of course been imitated since then all over the place. The solo efforts of Black were not bad, but… there was always something missing; like the flesh-eating guitar riffs of Joey Santiago and the angelic vocals of Kim Deal for instance – and David Lovering was in fact a great singer (there are a couple of songs out there with him doing the lead vocals). Hopefully the reunion won’t be a Sex Pistols-style vaudeville or plain disappointment – but I’m confident there is some magic left.

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