Super Bowl

I don’t really care shit about American Football, but in order not to offend my American buddies, I will post something about it. The Super Bowl (played past sunday) is definitely the biggest sports event of the year in North America and err, that’s about all I can say about it. Plus the fact that I believe something must be wrong when people get excited about seeing commercials; though the ones they show during the multiple breaks in the game seem to be quite well-crafted. I remained almost completely agnostic to the whole event since around the time of the game last sunday I was in the process of driving and rushing through Seattle, trying to catch my plane to San Francisco. Oh, one more thing, a co-worker of mine made an interesting comparison during lunch: American Football would compare to ‘soccer’ football as war to diplomacy – mmh, I don’t think he ever witnessed the ‘diplomacy’ of legendary butchers such as Gentile or Goigoichea…

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