Presidential biker

A long time ago, I had the naive conviction that great artists, musicians etcetera couldn’t possibly be bad or stupid in any sense – of course this turned out to be nonsense, you will find morons everywhere if you look for them (often times also if you’re not looking). However, I think I’m still going to subscribe to the following statement: a windsurfer, kitesurfer and Ducati-rider can’t possibly be a bad US president! Initially I seriously disliked him, but presidential candidate John Kerry seems to know how to live life and have some good fun on the way. Seeing him on a Duc would definitely beat Bill Clinton playing the saxophone (unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have it anymore). But in the end I’d still go for Dean: first, I’m so looking forward to a direct debate where he meatgrinds Dubya, and overall I think he has the best chance to make a ‘regime change’ happen. We should know about the New Hampshire primaries soon. Note also how almost every candidate hires armies of bloggers to get his online campaign gain momentum (Dean of course being the pioneer here).

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