Rain ride

Went today for a rain ride with my Monster. I wanted to check how well my gear holds up in bad weather; I rode for about an hour, three quarters of which it was pouring down pretty hard. Took 84 (Woodside Road) up Skyline, then headed north and came down Kings Mountain road; the latter was rather intimidating (ok, it got me pretty scared at some point): wet shiny road surface, all kinds of leaves and crap on the road, visibility issues due to my fogged and raindrop covered windshield, the occasional cage coming up… I went slow and got back safely. Gear status (after inspection at home):
-boots wet, socks wet
-Tour Master Cortech jacket dry on the inside (of liner) – water went through some of the outer pockets and wetted some of the stuff inside (wallet…); never felt cold in the jacket (air temperature was not that low to be fair – 12 degrees C or so)
-Tour Master Cortech overpants partly dry on the inside, partly wet: interestingly, on the crotch, and on the lower part of the legs. My jeans underneath were wet on those spots as well (even my underwear)
-leather (summer) gloves soaked – didn’t use my winter gloves as it didn’t feel that cold
Conclusion: I could probably use a rain suit/cover, and definitely some waterproof boots!

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