No more Ventura County SUV’s?

Ventura County considers eliminating SUV’s from its fleet (San Jose Mercury News article).
Many other California state agencies could follow – from the article:
“Similar legislation was signed last month by then-Gov. Gray Davis. The law, which will take effect in January 2005, requires state agencies requesting an SUV or 4-wheel-drive vehicle to justify a critical need for it.”
This is a nice effort, but it won’t change much as long as the freeways remain populated with gas-guzzling behemoths driven by

cellphone chattering 16year old schoolgirls (who should get the bloody phones implanted in their ears)
-Safeway shopping Los Altos housewifes (who believe driving a vehicle isn’t much different from driving a shopping cart around)
testosterone gushing ‘Iown-these-lanes’ style SUV-pricks (who probably need to make up for their small member size)

As you may have noticed, I don’t particularly like SUV’s – they’re not safer than regular cars, not for the drivers themselves and definitely not for the others out there, they block everyone’s view on the road, they consume ridiculous amounts of gasoline (granted, that does keep some happy – the Bush and Fahd families of this world for instance), and in addition to all that they’re usually butt-ugly! I almost vomited the first time I laid eyes on the pompous SUV creations by Porsche (!) and BMW.
There is acceptable (and enjoyable) SUV use though – in the snow, mountains, Tahoe, or the desert.

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