What’s going on

So what is happening? We have to get used to hearing ‘Governor Schwarzenegger’; I lost my wallet in Stanford yesterday; my friend Laurent crashed his brand new Honda CBR 600 before my eyes and broke his collarbone – his injury fortunately doesn’t seem too bad (fracture is clean, he has to wear a sling for 10 days, his gear protected him well otherwise) – a serious reality check though and after towing the bike sunday night and waiting in the hospital we had some time to contemplate the consequences of our actions – balancing the benefits of riding (which, I like to believe, is an activity that brings me into a higher state of consciousness ;]) versus the risks – however, this particular incident can be party attributed (in my opinion) to peer pressure and the presence of an audience, and partly to the fact that vital parts of the bike such as the tires and brakes were brand new, hence not very traction-friendly – the morale of all this being ‘don’t show off on a new bike!’
But, there is also good news:
Arnie recalled the car-tax-tripling measure, which means e.g. the $170 registration fee for my Ducati turns into a $56 invoice – amazing how easy it sometimes is to please people – the bill goes to future generations of Californians (probably in the form of bonds) – not really solving anything but it might not be the worst thing to do now.
I have my wallet back, including all its contents – thanks to a nice cop in Stanford and the friendly lady of lost&found – as a complete idiot, I didn’t even notice the disappearance – ignorance is bliss – until the lady actually called me at work (she found my number on my business card).
And, most prominently: Hombre Vos has become father of a healthy son – mucho congratulations!

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