The neo(-conservative) economy

A steady recovery of the US economy? Or just a transient effect, since consumer spending dipped again in September?
However, the self-fulfilling positive thinking the news is generating might actually turn things around for real and start improving job hopes. The latter scenario is what the Bushites were hoping for when installing the tax cuts – remains to be seen whether it’s going to work.
The Bush policies are definitely working out for Halliburton, of ‘Tricky’ Dick Cheney fame: according to two House representatives they’re grossly overcharging the US government for gasoline that is imported from Kuwait for usage in Iraq. See now why we need $87 billion?
If you want to know where another chunk of the money goes, check out this Associated Press article, reporting on Iraq reconstruction deals for companies that used to be campaign donors for Bush.
Meanwhile, Fox News (I’m not going to link to these morons) wants to sue Matt Groening for a Simpsons episode that was a bit too much to take for Rupert ’s right wing boys’ taste, featuring a parody on the ‘fair and balanced’ Fox news show. Funny that the Simpsons are aired by Fox Broadcast – Murdoch is sort of suing himself.

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