Soquel Demonstration Forest

Here’s a picture I took of Markus jumping from one of the many stunts in the Soquel Demonstration Forest.
The Demo Forest (“many have entered it, few have left unscathed”) offers some of most inspiring and fun singletrack of the Bay Area and is a well-known mountain bike playground. It also contains some of the most technical, steep and challenging stuff; take for instance the Saw Pit trail – I’m not sure whether I ever finished it without crashing (usually a rather innocent low speed scramble in front of some obstacle, but still…). And then there are the numerous log jumps and stunts that people build – highly entertaining. This sunday we (i.e. the Mountain Schweinehunde) went down the Tractor trail, which is a (very) high speed rollercoaster – we did carry some protective gear, which actually works wonderfully for the psyche: one doesn’t think about stitches or the hospital all the time…

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