The West is the best

It’s october 10: the sky is blue and clear, the air is crisp, the sun shines and it’s a comfortable 20C. No rain expected for about a month or so – o, the greatness of California! Went biking in Purisima Creek, on the gorgeous Whittemore Gulch trail (see pic), the Pacific in the backdrop. The trail, IMO one of the most enjoyable long descents in the area consists of the following sections:
-the Vista’s: views from open meadowlands along side the Skyline ridge to the west side of the Santa Cruz mountains and the Pacific
the Switchbacks: snaking singletrack with plenty of tight (and notso-tight) switchbacks
-Roots: entering the upper part of the forest, a number of fun obstacles are posed (jumps on the way down, hops on the way up)
-the Gulch proper: high speed rollercoaster downhill, through the bowels of the forest, along fern fields and creeks
The climb up is challenging, especially given the steep, loose and rocky fire road towards the parking lot at the very end.

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